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June 21, 2020

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July 5, 2020

Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer List
Reedy Branch Baptist Church
November 25, 2020

Dear Reedy Branch Family:

It's hard to believe that it's already time for Thanksgiving.  Vivian and I pray that you and your family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.  In spite of all that has happened in 2020, God continues to do good for His people.  As the Psalmist said in Psalm 9:1-2 (NASB95),  "
I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders. I will be glad and exult in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High."
On Wednesday, December 2nd at 6:30 PM, Reedy Branch Baptist Church will have a special business meeting to catch up on some important matters.  The coronavirus has interfered with our normal scheduling, so we are planning to meet on December 2nd to bring everyone up to date.  I hope you will be able to attend and participate.

Please join us for worship this Sunday at 10 AM.   Also remember to follow all proper precautions regarding the Coronavirus.  Let’s be sure we take care of one another.

Again, we will be worshiping in the social hall this Sunday, but we will continue to provide a low power broadcast of the worship services to those who prefer to remain in the parking lot and listen on their car or truck radios.

If you know of someone who might benefit from receiving this email Bible Study each Wednesday, please send me their email address.

I look forward to seeing each of you this Sunday.  Please, invite a friend.

Here’s today’s Wednesday Bible Study ...

“We Are God’s Stewards”
Luke 12:33-48 (NLT)

As we have all said countless times, 2020 has been a difficult year.  Even so, we have so much to be thankful for here in America.  We have freedom, prosperity, and great access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I cannot think of a place in this world where I would rather live.  Of course with these great blessings come great responsibilities.  In Luke 12:48 (NASB95) Jesus said, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required.”  We are stewards of God’s gifts.  And one day, there will be an accounting.  Jesus makes this clear in Luke 12:33-48 (NLT).
Jesus said, “Sell your possessions and give to those in need. This will store up treasure for you in heaven! And the purses of heaven never get old or develop holes. Your treasure will be safe; no thief can steal it and no moth can destroy it.  Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.  Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning,  as though you were waiting for your master to return from the wedding feast. Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks.”

“The servants who are ready and waiting for his return will be rewarded. I tell you the truth, he himself will seat them, put on an apron, and serve them as they sit and eat!   He may come in the middle of the night or just before dawn. But whenever he comes, he will reward the servants who are ready.   Understand this: If a homeowner knew exactly when a burglar was coming, he would not permit his house to be broken into.  You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.”
Peter asked, “Lord, is that illustration just for us or for everyone?”

And the Lord replied, “A faithful, sensible servant is one to whom the master can give the responsibility of managing his other household servants and feeding them.  If the master returns and finds that the servant has done a good job, there will be a reward.  I tell you the truth, the master will put that servant in charge of all he owns.”
“But what if the servant thinks, ‘My master won’t be back for a while,’ and he begins beating the other servants, partying, and getting drunk?   The master will return unannounced and unexpected, and he will cut the servant in pieces and banish him with the unfaithful.   And a servant who knows what the master wants, but isn’t prepared and doesn’t carry out those instructions, will be severely punished.   But someone who does not know, and then does something wrong, will be punished only lightly. When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.”

Jesus has given us so many blessings.  He has entrusted those blessings to us as His stewards.  One day soon He will return and ask us to give an account for our stewardship.  We need to be ready.  We need to be faithful stewards.  We need to invest His resources wisely to advance His Kingdom, help others, and glorify His Name.

As the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 4:2 (NASB95), “ ... it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy.”

Dennis Rainey writes, “God owns it all and we are stewards of His resources... Because we are stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, every financial decision we make is actually a spiritual decision.   For many, that’s a revolutionary concept.  How we manage our finances is a pretty good barometer for the condition of our spiritual life.”   [Dennis Rainey, Preparing for Marriage, 1997, p. 195, 198, Gospel Light/Regal Books.]

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be required.”   That says a lot when you are a Christian who is blessed to live in the United States of America.

Brother Shep

Weekly Prayer List  (November 25, 2020)

If you know of names that should be added or removed from our prayer list please call me at (912) 381-4896 or email me at

The Need for Revival in America
Our Church, Community, Nation, and World as we battle the Coronavirus.
Unity and Love among our fellow Americans
Teachers and Students
Pastor Search Committee
Wilma Lott and family
Deborah Wooten (upcoming hip surgery on November 30)
Billy Crider
John and Carolyn Clough Family
Earl Merritt
Margaret Pridgen (sister of Marilyn Rish and Debra Smith)
Chris Chaille Family
John Farley Family
Teresa Pridgen
Carla Pridgen (tests)
Ellen Deen
Frank Brown
Alicia Burke
Lisa Martin
Matthew Humphrey
Shirley Simmons
Johnny Cecil Newell (back surgery)
Freddie Tanner Lewis 
Earl Hewlett (brother of Marilyn Rish)
Roy Trowell
Roger Trowell  
Woody Trowell   (pneumonia)
Jerome Steptoe (son-in-law of Early and Tommie McQuaig)
Mark Spivey
Henry Medders
Betty Braswell
M.L. Harrison
Paul Carter
James and Bonnie Brown
Marilyn Rish   (Recovering from hip surgery on September 21)
Gerald Hulett
Johnny Day
Jody Jowers
Mike Justice
Wanda Smith
Eugene Tate
Danny Tuten
Buddy Phillips
Tony Howard
Barbara and Raymond Lane
David Barnes
Mickey Jowers
Melanie Marshall
Jamie Kight
Betty Ann Ford
Shirley Trowell
Bobbie Stewart
Lonnie and Addie Mae Myers
Nell Green and her sister, Sharon
David Green
Clarence and Sandra Dockery
Geneva Mobley
Helen Jones
Bill Whiddon
Grocery Store Employees
All medical and healthcare personnel
All first responders
All law enforcement
All those who are sick with the Coronavirus or have family members and friends who are sick with the Coronavirus.
Our President and Governmental Leaders
Those who need Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior
Many UNSPOKEN prayer concerns

If you know of names that should be added or removed from our prayer list please call me at (912) 381-4896 or email me at

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